Handmade by Ebb & Flow by Ty

cosmic flower flower essence mist

mystical blend of organic jasmine hydrosol & organic rose hydrosol ~ hydrosols are pure heaven, the most delicate and full manifestation of fresh florals you can bottle. neroli & geranium essential oils add a luscious punch as feelings of bare-feet, stories, flowers, & California shrubbery flood the mind. we add some chunks of the most luxe Himalayan pink salt to infuse it with a flowy, wave like feel, giving you the ability to flow like water into & then back out of any situation that needs your lovelight. there is a piece of rose quartz – the stone of all versions of love – in every bottle, along with a piece of moonstone – a stone for hope, sensitivity, and intuition. the scent crowns you with the ability to feel and accept such light as it ultimately brings forth love. ingredients: jasmine hydrosol*, rose hydrosol*, himalayan pink sea salt, rose quartz, moon stone, essential oils of neroli & geranium. * = organic.

Made in United States of America


Handmade by Ebb & Flow by Ty

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