Bandana designed by Folk Fibers


100% Grown & Sewn in the USA cotton

Artist-designed Custom-dyed

Printed using eco-friendly, water-based ink

LIMITED EDITION! once they are sold out, they are never printed again 22″x22″

In the words of the artist: Folk Fibers is the creation of me, Maura Grace Ambrose. I was educated in Textile Design + Fiber Arts, at Savannah College of Art & Design. I worked for a few years in preschools, on a couple organic farms, and then spent some time traveling America. My goal is to share the craft and folklore that prevails around natural dyes and quilting. I use natural dyes to dye my favorite fabrics used in the making of my quilts. I patchwork my dyed fabric with other fabrics, both vintage & new. I am faithful to using 100% natural fibers; they feel better and live longer. I favor solid colors for their timeless appeal.
Made in United States of America

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